Love to Read Blogs, Never Written One

I've enjoyed many a blog and website in my day, but I've never written one. As I sat here today, I realized that maybe I should give this a shot. I mean, I've got insight and goodness knows I've got enough interests and quirks to load this thing full of postings.

I'll give it a shot and we'll see how far it goes...could be fun.

Quick Intro:
Well, maybe this won't be quick...
Fabulous Hubby, 2 Kids (Boy & Girl...both are totally cool and funny and cute and sweet and loving get the idea, they're perfect), Dog, Cat, Horse & Fish (One of everything)

Horseback Riding (wish I had more time for that!)
Video gaming, mostly MMORPG (probably spend too much time on that)
Reading Blogs

Things I'm embarrassed about:
Not much, probably just the fact that I record a LOT of lame tv and watch the shows. My current faves are things like "Dancing with the Stars", "Top Chef", "Project Runway", "Shear Genius", basically any reality tv that is on Bravo tops my list, heh. I record a lot of other tv, but I wouldn't call those shows lame. I adore "Lost" and "House".

Without getting too specific (never know who's looking), I LOVE the field I work in, but I HATE my current job. Actually, it's not the job I hate, it's those few horribly evil people that everyone has in their office that make it unbearable. Anyhoo, I deal.

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