Billy Bad A$$ Goes To Jail

Dumb Criminal breaks in, but can't get back out

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We pause for a technical moment

My son has a Disney DVD player (specifically, the DVD2000C) that was a gift. It's totally cute, but doesn't work well at all. I finally got sick of it and I brought it in to work to take a look and see what the problem was. I couldn't find anything specific and so I'm left with a sort of junky dvd player. I took a few pictures while I had it open and found it sort of interesting. No wonder it doesn't work well, it's kind of flimsy. So, if you've ever wanted to see what these look like opened up, here you go. [Oh, and yes, I know my desk is a's just how I roll]

Taking the feet off (not sure why I did that)...

Taking a little panel off the drawer (not my hands)...

The backside of the faceplate...

An overview...

And looking inside...

Finally, a little trick I learned. A second problem with the unit is that I can't find a remote control that works for it. I've purchased 2 Disney dvd player remotes and neither works. I'm guessing either the remotes aren't compatible or the infrared reader on the unit itself doesn't work. Either way, I'm over it. At first I thought the remotes were broken, but I learned a trick on how to check. Because neither remote has any lights, the only way to see if it works is to aim it at a camera, press a button and look at it through the camera. Wow, a light! You can't see it with the naked eye. At least I know that the remotes aren't the problem now.

Gamers not fat loners...Not a real surprise to me

According to New Scientist, a study was done that asked Everquest II players some questions pertaining to their physical and mental fitness. It would appear that gamers are slightly more fit (physically) than the average American. The downside of that study shows that there are slightly higher incidents of depression and substance abuse. Pretty interesting stuff!

Internet Porn & You

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Jedi Last Supper

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Found here...I have nothing more to say.

Ninja cat comes closer while not moving!

Cool Gadgets

So I have one of the coolest toys for my kids. It's the Fun n' Foam Factory by Buzz Bee Toys. I bought it last year on a clearance and I LOVE it. The thing is hilarious. Every time I fire that thing up, I wish that I had one when I was little. Here's a "review" video of it...

Now, I've found a new gizmo that I NEED. It's a bubble fogger! It fills bubble with fog. I'm not sure why I need it, but I do. The video below is kind of grainy, but you get the picture.

Autoblog takes the KITT Shelby GT500 KR out for some kicks