Polydactyl Cats

So, the other day Cynical-C had a link to a site featuring Ernest Hemingway and his Polydactyl cats. Of course, I had no idea what polydactyl meant so I first checked out the site. It had some nice photos of Hemingway and his cats, but no mention of them being polydactyl (at least I didn't see it) so I just HAD to look it up. Basically, it means cats with extra toes. Now, I've had a few cats in my life, but never any with extra toes. I had a friend who had one though. He didn't seem extra special or anything, but it seems that people who have polydactyl cats tend to believe that the extra appendage(s) make them more agile. I found a website with lots of pics of these special animals and their extra toes. Just something to check out if you're bored.

Charleston, SC

So, Hubby and I decided to get outta Dodge and take a long weekend vacation sans kidlets. We went to Charleston, South Carolina and I HIGHLY recommend that everyone visit that town sometime. It's one of those places that has it all. History, entertainment, relaxation, fun...you name it, you can probably do it there. If I could ever figure out how to load photos here, you'd see some of the great shots we took. In the meantime, you'll have to look them up here and here and this site has some photos after an earthquake struck in 1886.

My Crazy Roommate

We've all had one of these...mine was crazy AND a kleptomaniac (sp?) ...anyhoo... This guy's got a dream of a crazy roomie and he blogs about the brilliance of the nutjob he lives with. Good stuff.


This isn't a new video, by any means, but it's pretty neat to see how "beauty" works...

Dove Evolution

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If you liked that, you'll love this!

Slob Evolution

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White N Nerdy

I'm guilty of some of this...including owning a copy of "The Star Wars Christmas Special". Heh.

I love Dean Martin! I love his music and his humor. He was such a suave guy! I'm pretty sure I was born too late because I'm totally into the standards and the music from his era. I've found a couple of his "music videos" and a couple clips from The Dean Martin Roasts (funny stuff). Enjoy!

Dean Martin

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Thats amore Dean Martin

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Foster Brooks Roasts Some Folks

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Foster Brooks on Dean Martin Roasts

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Been Busy

I had hoped this wouldn't happen so soon, but I was so busy for the last week that I had no time to blog. Ah well, no one is reading anyway so it doesn't really matter...the joys of a new blog...no responsibility.

To make up for it, here are some cool places to visit around the web.

You can waste a lot of time here. I don't really understand what it's about, but it's fun.

Thinking of proposing or getting married, try this site.

The Gallery of Regrettable Food, really cool. Makes fun of those old cookbooks.

I love lounge anything. My favorite bars are those quiet lounge ones. This site pays homage to that kind of kitsch.

and finally...

Ever wanted to know what your phone number spells? Here you go. This figures it out for you. BTW, my number sucks for this and I get nothing good. :(