Polydactyl Cats

So, the other day Cynical-C had a link to a site featuring Ernest Hemingway and his Polydactyl cats. Of course, I had no idea what polydactyl meant so I first checked out the site. It had some nice photos of Hemingway and his cats, but no mention of them being polydactyl (at least I didn't see it) so I just HAD to look it up. Basically, it means cats with extra toes. Now, I've had a few cats in my life, but never any with extra toes. I had a friend who had one though. He didn't seem extra special or anything, but it seems that people who have polydactyl cats tend to believe that the extra appendage(s) make them more agile. I found a website with lots of pics of these special animals and their extra toes. Just something to check out if you're bored.

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