Ricci Martin is holding a contest...Dean Martin's Son

I love Dean Martin. I've mentioned this before. Well, I was scrolling the web and found out that Dino's youngest son Ricci is a musician. He tours with his own band performing tributes to his father. On his website, he's holding a contest. Here are the details "Dress up like dean, funny or serious, with caption and email the picture, we will judge the best and give the prizes accordingly. All photos will be added to the website. Ricci will personalize all the items in the list." The "prizes" are pretty weak, except maybe the "Dark Brown Casmere Sweater (Dean Martin's)" and even then, what would I do with a sweater once owned by Dean Martin? Oh well, if you think you can come up with something clever, it might be fun. I'd love to see the winners of this one.

2 Response to "Ricci Martin is holding a contest...Dean Martin's Son"

  1. dino martin peters Says:

    Hey pallie Loaki, thanks so much for the info on the Dinocontest. I would love to have any of these Dinoprizes, but of course especially the Dinosweater. BTW, have you heard the new Dinovinyl yet......Dean Martin Forever Cool. Never was, never will be anyone as cool as our King of Cool!

  2. Loaki Says:

    I hope you enter and win! I want to see your entry photo. :)