Internet Fame

There are all types out there and the web has given them all their little tiny spotlight. I'm always amazed at the things people come up with...and the fact that they are given (at least for a short time) some small speck of fame. Youtube is the perfect forum for those who just didn't get enough hugs as a kid. The funny thing to me is that I work in broadcasting and it would be pretty easy for me to fill Youtube with my work...but...I just don't care to. I like looking at the stuff there, though.

I don't have a myspace page or a facebook...I don't even have a webcam. In fact, I only do this blog thing because I get bored and I like to share links with my friends. Now, if you're a stranger and happen upon this page I don't mind either. I'm not looking for my 15 minutes and virtually nothing here is actually by me. I just have some time on my hands.

Today is my homage to all the internet people...

15 Minutes of Fame
according to wikipedia.

VH1's 40 Greatest Internet Superstars.

Here are a couple of funny gaming related videos that I have always enjoyed. First is the WoW version of "The Internet is for Porn".

"Fette's Vette" made using Star Wars Galaxies.

And finally, I had to find a video using my current favorite game - Vanguard: Saga of Heroes.

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