Spring is in the Air!

Last week I complained about a snow storm, today I am rejoicing in a beautifully sunny and (relatively) warm day! I’m sure it’ll cool down a little before spring actually arrives, but it’s days like this that really get me excited for warmer days. It’s really pushed me to seriously consider what type of landscaping I’ll do to my house. Since it’s new, we have NOTHING. I’m all over planting and nursery websites. I’m having the best time choosing the plants and trees that will adorn my front and backyard.

Not only all of that, but I’m also just plain happy today. Everyone around here is happy today. I think it’s all those months of clouds and cold that make us a bunch of crabs all winter. Now that the sun is shining and I don’t have to bundle up to walk to the car, I feel a sense of relief.

I’ve found some useful spring maintenance tips from State Farm. I’m not a client and this isn’t an ad, they just have some good things to think about on there.

It’s getting to be spring cleaning time and I found a real estate agent who offers a ton of tips and tricks for getting it done effectively.

Do you have allergies? Luckily, that gene skipped me. If you do, here are some tips for fighting spring allergies.

Cheesy Spring Jokes…

Q. What season is it when you are on a trampoline?
A. Spring-time!

Q. When do monkeys fall from the sky?
A. During Ape-ril showers!

Q. Can February March?
A. No, but April May!

Q. What flowers grow on faces?
A. Tulips (Two-lips)!

Q. Why is the letter A like a flower?
A. A bee (B) comes after it!

2 Response to "Spring is in the Air!"

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Hmmmm spring you say maybe i should actually go outside

    (i swear i am not dead)

    Geekbacca (the one and only)

  2. Loaki Says:

    Well, well, well. Mr. Warcraft! Good to see you checking in. Sick of WoW yet? Vanguard will always have a spot open for ya! Miss you buddy!