Gamers not fat loners...Not a real surprise to me

According to New Scientist, a study was done that asked Everquest II players some questions pertaining to their physical and mental fitness. It would appear that gamers are slightly more fit (physically) than the average American. The downside of that study shows that there are slightly higher incidents of depression and substance abuse. Pretty interesting stuff!

2 Response to "Gamers not fat loners...Not a real surprise to me"

  1. Brian Says:

    Thats what i used to look like playing SWG back in the day.. Just thought i would stop by and see if you were still alive going through the old bookmarks after getting the new pc (well another new one, kinda always gets upgraded)

  2. Loaki Says:

    Thanks for checking in. Obviously, Gamermom has been on hiatus for a while. Unfortunately, I'm in the process of rebuilding my computer and it's not going well. My netbook doesn't cut it for gaming. I'm going to give the new Star Wars game a shot when it comes out.