Fruit Salad

No, I'm not posting about food today. This is just basically a mishmash of a fruit's a stretch.

The basic story is that things have been fine for me, but I'm watching so many people around me struggle. Struggle with jobs, struggle with money, struggle with family, struggle with health, struggle with addiction. It's just tough because most of the time there's nothing I can do to help.
I'll touch on a couple of those things today, maybe I'll do more tomorrow.


How Not to do a Job Interview (Thanks Radmila)

Apparently, you can become a Video Game Tester. I looked around the site a bit and it sounds a little like being a mystery shopper. More of a pain than it is worth, since you have to front some cash.

Want to become a Mystery Shopper? Don't waste your time. I've done it. Most companies reimburse you only for the purchase. Some will reimburse you and pay you a small amount on top so: I go to McDonald's, buy a meal, record an insane amount of information (without them noticing), then write a report and scan/email receipts so I can be reimbursed for the $5.00 meal AND make a whopping $7.50 on top. Phew. If that didn't talk you out of it and you MUST learn for yourself, here are a few companies. (NOTE: NEVER PAY TO BECOME A MYSTERY SHOPPER! THE INFO I AM GIVING YOU NOW IS THE INFO YOU PAY FOR)
Shop N Chek
Spies in Disguise
Ann Michaels & Associates
J.C. & Associates
BMA Mystery Shopping


I have no idea what they're saying, other than "Money", but it's something

I have no money advice or money in general. I get by and that's about it. My only financial advice is "Get a Job", if that doesn't get you enough money, "Get a Second Job".

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