Super Cool Birth Announcements

I have a million things to blog about and for some reason, no time to blog them. Weird. Rather than throw a million random things out there all at once, slap my hands and call it a post, I figured it’d be better if I just choose ONE topic for today and write about it. So…today…you…get…BABIES!!! Alright, not all babies, just birth announcements. No, I’m not having more kids, but EVERYONE around me seems to be. I’m awash with pregnant people and they all need advice. No, I don’t dole it out randomly, they ask…a lot. Maybe it’s because my kids are younger and I still remember a lot of the details that parents of teens may have forgotten, who knows. Because of all the prego hormones near me, I’ve got babies on the brain and products that I really have no use for are suddenly interesting to me again. That’s how I found the coolest birth announcements EVER!

Rattle-N-Roll makes concert poster style announcements. How cool is that!?! Two of the pregos I know are musicians and these would be perfect for them. But, they’d be perfect for any concert/music enthusiast.

Proud Parent Publications makes newspaper style announcements. Baby can be the cover of the sports page as the “New Acquisition”.

Little Big Man can put your little one on a ticket!

Surfing Baby can make little Suzie a cover girl or turn Stanley into a golf pro on customized magazine covers.

Cool Dog Productions makes video announcements that can be viewed on the web.

2 Response to "Super Cool Birth Announcements"

  1. About Cool Dog Says:

    Aren't you so nice to say so! Cool Dog Productions here- We just wanted to say thank you for writing about our services.
    We love making birth announcement for people and glad that people love them back!
    Thanks again!

  2. Inventing Matilda Says:

    I love the variety of birth announcements you posted. Isn't it funny that birth announcements used to be pink or blue. Period. Green and yellow came on the scene later. Today parents have amazing choices when they are ready to introduce their baby.