America's Got Talent - Cas Haley

I love lame-o reality contests like Top Chef, Project Runway and Dancing with the Stars. Recently, America's Got Talent ran their second season and I must say it was better than the first. From his first appearance, I was enamored with Cas Haley. Not in the "crush" way, but I love the way he sings. In the end, Cas didn't win the million dollar prize, but I'm sure he's earned some fans. I couldn't resist googling him and I found the website for his band Woodbelly very well done website for a band, btw. I also bought their cd. Pretty good, if not short. I must point out that the cd is probably 3 years old and hopefully now that Cas has garnered a bit of fame, he and his band will hop into the recording studio soon to kick out another album (are they even called that anymore?).

Here are some clips from the America's Got Talent shows and a clip of Woodbelly playing a gig.

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