Moving Day (s)

Well, we've sold our house and it's time to move. Actually, we get to move twice because the next house we'll be living in isn't exactly ready yet. This means we'll be moving twice: Once into a couple of storage units (just our stuff, not us) and then in a month or so, we'll move into a house.

Homesickness: What you feel every month when the mortgage is due.

This whole ordeal is fun for me, if not a little stressful. I love the adventure of moving to a new home. That said, enjoy the following "moving" links...

In case you didn't know how to move and always wondered how, you can learn How to Move Yourself

Our new house has one down payment and 240 darn payments.

And here are some real tips on How to Move your Pets Safely. BTW, my pets will be moved by putting them in the car and driving them to the next place we'll be living...Pet Carriers...hah!

The trouble with owning a home is that no matter where you sit, you're looking at something you should be doing.

If you're looking for a new house, this is a pretty good place to start.

If you want to know exactly where the property line is, just watch the neighbor cut the grass.

Here's a How-To on Buying a New Construction home.

If you think no one cares you're alive, miss a couple of house payments.

I love, you can find out anything. Here's their page on Buying/Selling a Home.

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