I had always heard the stories of kids asking a million "why" questions or constantly wondering "are we there yet?". I had also always put those stories aside as exaggeration. Surely, I thought, kids ask questions, but it couldn't be the endless stream they are portrayed to be...boy was I wrong. My three year old busted that right out of the water. On our 2 day journey to and from fabulous Walt Disney World the "are we there yet?" question only popped up about 9437 times. Ok ok, that's an exaggeration...he only asked it every mile we drove while he was awake. The drive is some 1200+ miles and he slept for approximately 40 minutes a day in the car so...well...you do the math.

When he wasn't asking the famous "are we there yet" question, he was asking another question. This one is a little more difficult to answer at many times. He follows every statement ANYONE makes by asking "Why?". This can follow ANY statement. I've even tried changing the way I talk to him by including a reason and still he asks "why".

Here's a sampling:

In the car on the way to Disney...
Boy: Are we there yet?
Me: Nope, we won't get to Disney until tomorrow
Boy: Why?

After we've returned home from Disney...
Boy: Can we ride Haunted Mansion?
Me: Next time we go to Disney we'll ride it.
Boy: Why?

Boy has also taken up the new game of using his new favorite word: "Ass"
Boy: Mommy if you do that again I'm going to spank your aaasssssss.
Me: That is a bad word, you'd better not say that again or daddy will wash your mouth out with soap.
Boy: Why?

So, now that I've finished my own anecdotes about kids and the famed questions, I'll share some good "Why" links...

The Why Files
answers the "why" behind things. Maybe I should peruse this site so I have answers to the millions of "whys" I'm sure to hear in the upcoming months.

If the boy continues to ask "why" maybe I'll send him to Why, Arizona because he's making me feel like I live in Hell, Michigan

When he's older, I'll teach him to use Ask for Kids. Then he can find out for himself.

"Why" isn't covered in this article, but it could be useful down the road.

If you want to find out why kids ask "why" check this out and this.

And with that I send you off to ask your own "whys" of the world.

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    are we there yet?

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