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Loaki Hootill Character Sheet

I love playing video case you hadn't noticed. I play Vanguard: Saga of Heroes daily. I've been out of the console mode for a while now. The last one I played with any true fervor was my N64...until I got my Wii. I friggin' love that thing. It's a cool system that anyone can play. My 3 year old is currently 4-0 against his dad in boxing. Yes, I'm a breeder of gamers. With all that in mind, today is all about gaming.

Ten Golden Rules of Online Gaming
I love #5, although all the rules are dead on. I've experienced all of them.

5: If you are losing, it is because of lag:

Following on from the cheapness laws, you will soon get to learn that nothing is ever your fault when it comes to gaming. Lag is a process whereby everyone in the game becomes better than you thanks to the Internet helping them become cheap. The Internet does this a lot, but never affects the enemies you kill yourself, because you have skills.

Nearly every death you ever suffer in a game will be due to lag of some kind. The Internet hates you that much, even though you are so good.

Chocolate Milk

If my kid ever acts like this one, smack me. (I know this isn't new, but it's a classic)

Everything I Need to know, I learned from Video Games

1. There is no problem that cannot be overcome by violence.

2. You can overcome most adversaries simply by having enough quarters.

3. If it moves, KILL IT!

4. Operating any vehicle or weapon is simple and requires no training.

5. "Bosses" always hire henchmen weaker than they are to do their dirty work.

6. If you find food lying on the ground, eat it.

7. You can smash things and get away with it.
a. Smashing things doesn't hurt.
b. Many nice things are hidden inside other things.

8. When someone dies, they disappear.

9. Money is frequently found lying on the streets.

10. All shopkeepers carry high-tech weaponry.

11. You never run out of bullets, only grenades.

12. Ninjas are common, and fight in public frequently.

13. Whenever huge evil fat men are about to die, they begin flashing red or yellow.

14. When you are born, you're invulnerable for a brief period of time.

15. Although the enemy always has more aircraft than you, they fly in predictable patterns which makes it easier for you to shoot them all down.

16. All women wear revealing clothing and have great bodies.

17. The enemy always leaves weapons and ammo laying around for no other reason than so their bitter enemies can pick them up and defeat them with it.

18. You sustain injury if you shoot innocents.

19. Gang members frequently all look the same, and often have the same names.

20. When driving, do not worry if your vehicle crashes and explodes. A new one will appear in its place.

21. Anyone that can't jump over six feet high probably can't jump at all.

22. Even the lowest lifeforms such as worms, slugs, and slimes carry money.

23. A good way to hurt someone is to do the following: 1. Hold up your hands, 2. (optional) Stomp the ground, 3. A large object (like a rock) falls from the top of the screen, 4. Catch the large object, and 5. Throw it.

Fett's Vette
This is a video made using Star Wars Galaxies by Balgosa Windspire.
I used to love this game and I played it daily until they jacked it up.

What Pre-1985 Video Game Character Am I?

What Video Game Character Are You? I am Mario.I am Mario.

I like to jump around, and would lead a fairly serene and aimless existence if it weren't for my friends always getting into trouble. I love to help out, even when it puts me at risk. I seem to make friends with people who just can't stay out of trouble. What Video Game Character Are You?

Posting and you
Actually about posting on forums, but most gamers do the forum thing, too...

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