Google Earth

There are a million conspiracy theorists and all of them have Google Earth. It's true, I've done the research. Hubby has joined the ranks of those who see weird things on Google Earth. I find it fascinating for about 3 minutes, then I've moved on. What do you think about this stuff?

For nothing more that something to do when you're bored, download Google Earth.

Here's a Forum all about Google Earth, strange sightings and all!

Out of Place - Google Earth

Strange Things in Google Maps
(and Google Earth)

This is one of the images that Hubby is stuck on:
Weird Object in Greenland

(PS I think it's an imaging anomaly, but what do I know)

PC World did a little article on the oddities of Google Earth, they also have explanations of the images in the captions.

Google Earth Cool Places
has all kinds of images of weird things you can see on Google Earth.

Also, can't leave out the nudes! Top 10 Naked People on Google Earth.

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