Microsoft Screws Over a Loyal Customer

Basically, a guy lives in the UK. He loves XBox 360 and has bought tons of content. Guy moves to the US and asks Microsoft to transfer his account info to a US account. Microsoft tells guy that they can't/won't/don't want to do it. Guy gets frustrated and asks for help from peeps on a gaming forum. Peeps suggest making waves and all kinds of other fun things. Guy also explains plight to boss/friend at a website he infrequently writes for. Boss/friend asks Microsoft Connection for help and Microsoft Connection responds by asking to have guy fired. Huh? Boss/friend rocks and stands behind guy.

Here's the article that the guy wrote after he found out about the attempted firing.

Actually, it's been moved, here's where the article is now.

Here's the forum where the guy asked for advice.

Here's the promise of an article to be written by the guy's boss. (As soon as I see the actual article posted, I'll add it)

Here's the article written by the boss.

In case you care, here's my opinion. For any corporation to treat a customer the way they treated this one is just asinine. There are horror stories everywhere about how Such-and-Such Company TM treated someone like crap. You'd think that with bad customer service so prevalent, it would be impossible to actually please MOST customers. That's where you'd be wrong. It's easy to please customers. Companies do it all the time. Disney is the best example. If you have a problem at all, you need only (politely) explain your situation and 9 times out of 10 they'll resolve it...and probably in a better way than you had hoped. A great solution here, which wouldn't cost Microsoft a dime is to give this guy some credit for his lost content. The credit is digital and he has lost/needs to purchase digital content. Boom! Problem fixed. But, it seems, they'd rather bounce him around from one inept call center employee to another. Which actually costs Microsoft money in labor. I have no particular gripe with Microsoft, I have a particular gripe with poor customer service. I'd be saying the same thing no matter which company acted in this manner.

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