I've decided to bite the bullet and try to learn Photoshop. Yeah, yeah, I'm lame. I should have done it years ago, but I've worked with a very talented Photoshop artist all that time and I just haven't needed to know it myself. Not much has really changed, except that I have been keeping my eye open for a new job and EVERYONE wants you to know PS. I figured now is the time because I can learn it while working and no one will think anything of it...because it's work related. I SHOULD know this software.

In the absence of anything else worth writing about, I thought I'd share a couple of the websites I've found that have some pretty good tutorials.

MaxTutorial has some pretty easy to understand tutorials.

This one has more tutorials with web design in mind.

Very, very basic...for the person who has never opened Photoshop.

On a side note, sorry today isn't very fun. I just can't think of anything good to post about today. Photoshop has taken up a lot of my mind for now.

Can Photoshop Be Funny?

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