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Zipping around the web and found a few things for your enjoyment...enjoy.

Everyday Normal Guy 2

7 Internet Fads Made Into Video Games
Complete with Links with info on the fads in case you don't live on the web like some of us.
Star Wars Kid's Lightsaber Battle Arena
In this action-packed Wii title, you'll do battle with the dictator of dweeb, the pinnacle of putrid, the figurehead of failure... no, not Carrot Top, we're talking about the Star Wars Kid! In his first appearance since Tony Hawk's Underground 2, SWK's LBA finds the Kid angry and defiant, challenging all his French-Canadian classmates to battle after his mammoth online embarrassment. As Pierre, the student who posted the video initially, you are SWK's greatest nemesis. Join with your mates and battle the Kid in the first First Person Lightsaber game for the Wii!

Who knew there was a market for the Rarest and Most Valuable N64 Games?

ESPN Adds Competitive
Video Gaming to Its Lineup
Holy Crap! I would love to see this! Better than watching Professional Bowling any day.

Apparently, this is what I'd look like as a Simpsons character.
Simpsonize yourself!

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