Picture Meme

I borrowed this from My 2 Second Shelf Life. I'm just plum out of blogging creativity lately. I think it's all the Photoshop work, just draining me.

1) Age you will be on your next birthday:

2) Place you would like to visit:

3) One of your favorite places (In case you missed it, one is in CA, one is in FL):

4) Your favorite object (50" Plasma TV):

5) Your favorite food (Only Grandma's!):

6) Your favorite animal (That's my boy, Scout):

7) Your favorite color:

8) Name of a past pet (a siamese cat):

9) Where you live:

10) First teacher’s last name:

11) A bad habit of yours:

12) Your middle name:

13) Your favorite flower:

14) Your favorite holiday (Very close to my birthday, start of Christmas season!):

2 Response to "Picture Meme"

  1. Radmila Says:


  2. Loaki Says:

    Thank you dear! It was a big lifesaver to borrow this meme from you. I appreciate your putting yours out there :)